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Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema

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Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema

Сообщение alkinsv » Ср июн 22, 2016 2:40 pm

The editors of the Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema as well as guest editor Andrew Jackson are happy to announce the publication of this special issue based on the Korean Screen Culture conference that took place in Copenhagen last May.

Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema (volume 8, issue 1, 2016)
ISSN 1756-4905 (Print), 1756-4913 (Online)

Special Issue: Korean Screen Culture

‘From ‘Years of Radical Change’ to ‘Korean Screen Culture’: the story of a conference name’
Andrew David Jackson
‘The topography of 1960s Korean youth film: between plagiarism and adaptation’
Chonghwa Chung http://www.tandfonline.com/author/Chung%2C+Chonghwa

‘North Koreans at the movies: cinema of fits and starts and the rise of chameleon spectatorship’
Dima Mironenko
‘Sliding through genres: The Slippery Structure in South Korean films’
Pablo Utin

‘Reading the ‘new world’: neoliberalism in the South Korean gangster film’
Graham Neil Gillespie

‘Self-mockery of hallyu in the Korean drama My Love from the Star (Byeol eso on geudae) and the role of the seventeenth-century novel The Dream of the Nine Clouds(Guunmong)’
Barbara Wall
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