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Корейские учебные заведения
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1   Link   Университет Ачжу (아주 大學校)
Ajou University provides an excellent six-week international summer school program in Korean or Asian studies and International Business taught in English, offering a wonderful opportunity for foreign students to explore Korea and its culture. Not only are classes offered that can be transferred for credits, but there are also special activities, language programs, and other events for students to explore and learn about Korea and its culture during the summer vacation. Three day field trip to the historical sites of Korea is offered FREE to the all participants prior to the official program starts. This allows students from all around the world to experience aspects of a traditional Korean culture.. Students from U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Sweden and many other countries have fully enjoyed participating in the program in the past.
2   Link   KICE (韓國 교육과 정평 기원)
Korean institute od curriculum and evaluation
3   Link   Kyujanggak institute for Korean studies (서울 大學校 규장&
English information
4   Link   NRICH (National research institue of cultural heritage)
National research institue of cultural heritage
5   Link   The academy of Korean studies
The academy of Korean studies
6   Link   ACADEMIA KOREANA of Keimyung University

Academia Koreana is Keimyung Universitys international research institute for Korean Studies. Its chief mission is to increase the availability of useful information on Korea in a global perspective. Its primary goals include encouraging cultural and intellectual exchange among scholars in Korean Studies throughout the international community; promoting diverse interdisciplinary and intercultural approaches to Korean Studies; developing diverse resources for the study of Korea; and disseminating

Korean cultural knowledge via public and academic events. The institution encourages research on both traditional and contemporary Korean society, thus providing a basis for discussion and mutual enrichment of both Eastern and Western understanding.
7   Link   서울대학교
Сеульский национальный университет
8   Link   고려대학교
Национальный университет Корё
9   Link   연세대학교
Университет Ёнсе
10   Link   강릉대학교
Национальный университет г. Канънынъ
11   Link   경북대학교
Национальный университет Кёнъбук
12   Link   경상대학교
Национальный университет Кёнъсанъ
13   Link   공주대학교
Национальный университет г. Конъчжу
14   Link   군산대학교
Национальный университет Кунсан
15   Link   금오공과대학교
Национальный политехнический университет Кымо
16   Link   목포대학교
Национальный университет г. Мокпхо
17   Link   목포해양대학교
Национальный морской университет г. Мокпхо
18   Link   부경대학교
Национальный университет Пугёнъ
19   Link   부산대학교
Национальный университет г. Пусан
20   Link   서울시립대학교
Сеульский муниципальный университет
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